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Mug Shot (2)Founder & CEO, Stanford Management Consulting

Julia S. Demkowski helps small and mid-sized business owners and executives discover their fastest path to increased productivity and profits.

Using proven management techniques and solid business analysis, Julia and her team guide business owners to make sound decisions that control costs, reduce waste, increase productivity and efficiency – leading to business growth and profitability.

Stanford Management Consultants quickly identify opportunities for change and improvement. They bring their expertise and systems to new start-ups as well as established businesses needing advice and help.

Offering a variety of programs, business boot camps and assessments, Julia and the Stanford team will help you determine which offering best meets your current business needs, from short-term advice to long-term partnerships.

By teaching her clients to manage by the numbers, they make better business decisions which lead to greater profits.

Julia’s 25+ years of professional management experience includes budgeting, training, strategic planning, negotiation, business analysis and project management on regional and corporate levels.

She holds an MBA/Project Management degree from the Keller Graduate School of Management and a BS from the University of South Carolina.

Download Julia’s speaker sheet here.

Your vision. Your success. Our pleasure.

make a plan to improve your businessStanford Management Consulting provides consulting, training, and project management services to soloprenuers as well as small, medium, and large businesses. We specialize in defining and delivering solutions to enhance business processes in areas such as Finance, Human Resources, Administrative Support, Document Management, Sales, and Strategy.

Through a keen understanding of an organization’s operations and the unique environment in which it functions, we provide recommendations that increase productivity, reduce costs, strengthen service delivery, and improve quality.

Our consulting experience and support enables clients to build a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. We help you improve your business through a series of steps that provide valuable insights:

  • Assess – Our 360˚ business assessment explores the inner workings of key business processes such as finance, human resources, sales, and more. You’ll gain an understanding of your strengths and opportunities for improvement. If you needs a refresher about business basics, check out our Back to Basics Boot Camp.
  • Define – Using the information gained from our assessments, we’ll help you define courses of action to get yourself back on track. You’ll be empowered to move forward to make the changes necessary to improve your business.
  • Execute – Once you know what you need to do, the next step is to follow through. If you need help moving forward, we offer consulting or project management services to help you execute your plan. We also provide training to help employees, managers, and leaders develop the skills they need to facilitate improvements.
  • Monitoring – Our project management and consulting services include performance plans and evaluations to help you measure and maintain your progress. This allows you to continually improve your business as your customer needs change. You’ll grow your business while keeping sharp focus on strategic objectives.