Productive. Efficient. Profitable.

Stanford provides consulting, coaching, and training services to business owners. We specialize in defining and delivering solutions to enhance business processes in areas such as Finance, Human Resources, Administrative Support, Document Management, Sales, and Strategy.

Through a keen understanding of an organization’s operations and the unique environment in which it functions, we provide recommendations that increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Our consulting experience and support enables clients to build a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. We help you improve your business through a series of steps that provide valuable insights.

Let us help you manage, control, and grow your business.

“When Julia came in to help our business, she was part of the team. I never felt like she didn’t belong there. She has everything organized and provides the information in easy to follow steps. We never go back to our desk wondering what to do next.”

Melissa G.


“In our first conversation I learned more than I had ever learned at Chiropractic College. I also realized and finally admitted to myself that my business was in trouble and that I didn’t know enough at the time to get it well on my own. Your program has changed my life like I never could have imagined.” 

Raymond B.


“Because of your program we have Policies and Procedures, job descriptions, a better defined and fully empowered team of Directors, and our staff is happier.” 

Fred C.

COO, Manufacturing