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Your Vision. Your Success. Our Pleasure.

Stanford Management Consultants quickly identify opportunities for change and improvement. They bring expertise and systems to new start-ups as well as established businesses needing advice and help.

Let us help you manage, control, and grow your business.

Stanford Management Consulting provides consulting, coaching, and training services to soloprenuers as well as small to midsize businesses. We specialize in defining and delivering solutions to enhance business processes in areas such as Finance, Human Resources, Administrative Support, Document Management, Sales, and Strategy.

Through a keen understanding of an organization’s operations and the unique environment in which it functions, we provide recommendations that increase productivity, reduce costs, strengthen service delivery, and improve quality.

Our consulting experience and support enables clients to build a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. We help you improve your business through a series of steps that provide valuable insights.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Your financial statements speak to you each month!  Do you know how to listen?  Do you review your profit and loss each month?  If the answer is no, you are putting yourself at risk.

Many business owners are so focused on day to day operations and not looking at financial statements. The Profit and Loss (P & L) is one of the most useful tools in running a business.

The P & L tells business owners what it costs to do business, but it cannot tell them what it should have cost. Too often even moderately successful people cannot tell with surety which and how many of their products or services lost money, or why it was lost. Nor do they know how to stop the profit leaks.




“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” – Peter F. Drucker

  • Are my sales on target as to projections?
  • Are my COGS in line?
  • Am I controlling expenses?
  • Is there anything left?

Starting and growing a business takes commitment and time, a lot of time! The number one thing you can do is keep a constant eye on the numbers and where you are in your plan. Define your key performance indicators early and monitor weekly in the beginning.

Tracking your progress effectively will prevent catastrophic consequences before they materialize.


Net Income!


Cost of Goods Sold


Controlled Expenses

Business Consulting Services


Be. Better. Now.



No matter what challenges you’re facing, we’re here to help take your business to the next level and achieve the excellence you deserve. Whether you’re expanding, starting up, or just losing control, we are here to provide assistance and solutions that work!

We have decades of experience working with companies of all sizes and with many types of leadership styles. We develop a customized plan that address core business functions and implement the right solutions that will improve your operations, efficiency, profitability, and achievement of your vision regardless of your industry, business model, or corporate goals.

We know there are many aspects of running a successful business and that’s why we cover all the bases and provide you with the tools, support, and focused expertise that are essential in achieving the goals of your organization.

Whether you’re looking to reduce costs, realize a return on investment, or improve your processes and infrastructure, Stanford Management Consulting knows what it takes to make YOU successful.

Just a few things we can do for YOU:

  • Develop effective business plan strategies to achieve your goals
  • Master your marketing plan and beat competition
  • Stimulate sales with proven pricing strategies
  • Streamline your operations for maximum efficiency
  • Minimize risk and maximize profits with sound financial management strategies
  • Promote a positive environment, greater communication skills and teamwork

Why wait until tomorrow when you can make your business better TODAY!! Let us help guide the way to a brighter future.


Julia S. Demkowski, MBA

Founder & CEO, Stanford Management Consulting

Julia helps small and mid-sized business owners and executives discover their fastest path to increased productivity and profits.

Using proven management techniques and solid business analysis, Julia and her team guide business owners to make sound decisions that control costs, reduce waste, increase productivity and efficiency – leading to business growth and profitability.

Stanford Management Consultants quickly identify opportunities for change and improvement. They bring their expertise and systems to new start-ups as well as established businesses needing advice and help.

Offering a variety of programs, business boot camps and assessments, Julia and the Stanford team will help you determine which offering best meets your current business needs, from short-term advice to long-term partnerships.

By teaching her clients to manage by the numbers, they make better business decisions which lead to greater profits.

Julia’s 30 years of professional management experience includes strategic planning, financial and business analysis, forecast budgeting and planning, operational and sales & marketing policy and procedure development, executive coaching, and project management on regional and corporate levels.

She holds an MBA/Project Management degree from the Keller Graduate School of Management and a BS from the University of South Carolina.