Business Sunny Side Up

Due to the popularity of our Business Sunny Side Seminars we are launching 3 new opportunities for you to bring the “Sunny Side” back to your business – Sunny Side Chats, Webinars, & Meetups. 

Bring the excitement back to business ownership!

We all had a vision of what our company would be.  Many times, the vision is very different than the reality. Take advantage of one, two, or all three of our Sunny Side services.

Sunny Side Chat

Having a problem?

Thinking of growing but not sure how to go about it?

Have a specific challenge and not sure what to do?

Are you struggling to achieve your goals?

Let’s Chat!

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Sunny Side Webinars

Simple, fun business webinars to help you TUNE UP your business skills or discover new tools to help you become more productive, efficient, and profitable.

Sample topics of our Sunny Side Webinars include:

  • Put your profits in your pocket and not down the drain!
  • How changes in the economy affects how we do business.
  • How to recession proof your business.
  • Recognize the symptoms of business failures and how to make the correct changes
  • What your financial statements are telling you – are you listening?
  • How to make sound business decisions driven by the health of the company, not based on emotion.
  • Identifying your strengths and a plan to overcome your weakness.
  • The great employees are working somewhere – why not for you? Stop the revolving door!
  • The beauty of Policy and Procedures.
  • How to recognize warning signs to avoid CRISIS Management.
  • How to take your business to the next level.
  • Balance your work and personal life
  • Pre-Planned profit

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Sunny Side Meet Ups

A place where you can be around like-minded people, talk about the challenges you face in your business, get new ideas to deal with the challenges, and receive tools you can use in your business.

Typical topics at our meet ups include

  • Setting goals that challenge you and stretch your comfort zone
  • Design and implement a plan that achieves your objectives
  • Stay on track despite day-to-day pressures and distractions
  • Understand the dynamics of business failures and what you can do to fix them
  • Identifying your strengths and weakness and a plan to overcome them
  • The great employees are working somewhere…. why not for you
  • How to stop the revolving door for employees
  • The beauty of Policy and Procedures
  • Why knowing you break-even points can change how you do business
  • How to recognize warning signs to avoid CRISIS Management
  • How to take your business to the next level
  • Why planed growth is the only way to grow
  • Why businesses fail
  • When does organized chaos work

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Our webinars and meet ups are perfect for leaders at all levels. All topics are geared to provide insight and ideas to help leaders maximize their potential and bring out the best in those around them. Organizational performance, employee morale, and customer value increases as leaders develop effective skills in the following areas.

Establishing Vision & Direction

  • Strategic planning and management
  • Benchmarking

Managing Change

  • Organizational structure, culture, and behavior
  • Organizational change management and communication

Leading the Organization

  • Leadership, delegation, and influence
  • Human resource management
  • Competencies and the organization
  • Customer relationship management