One Page Planning and Performance System™

Certified One Page Consultant


The One Page Planning and Performance System is flexible with many uses…

  • Start-up
  • Scale up
  • Exit

The One Page Business Plan is a proven business tool that uniquely links Planning, Strategy, Performance and Accountability. It’s simple, it’s easy and it works because:

• Every manager has a plan… a one-page plan.
• Uses easy to understand language; no complicated terms
• Integrates performance and progress reporting to the plan
• Teaches systems and critical thinking
• Fosters organizational learning
• Clearly identifies excellent and poor performers
• 360 degree accountability

If you want to create a powerful strategic planning and performance management system that helps your company:

• Accelerate growth
• Increase revenues and profits
• Develop stronger communication between divisions
• More effectively implement your business plan
• Develop high performance leaders
• Focus people and resources on achieving company goals

The One Page Planning and Performance System features:

• Standardized One Page Business Plan template
• Drill down navigation with click-thru organization chart
• Linked Performance Reporting to each Objective
• Progress reporting to each Planned Action
• Color-coded Plan Status Reports
• Flexible system for approval of plans
• Secured and Controlled Access to system
• Online input and updates

Every manager has a plan; and it is just a click away! Online Business Schematic with One Page Plans for every Business Unit.

System tracks results of every key objective! Online Performance Scorecard for each and every Objective.

Need to know the status of a critical initiative or project? CLICK ON IT! Online Progress Reports for each Planned.

No more guessing about the status of any plan! Color-coded business plan status at a glance.

Total Accountability! View all Performance Scorecards and Progress Reports for each manager with a just a single click.

Each One Page Business Plan has five components that work together to describe the profit center, department, project or program being built, why it is being built, how it will be built, and the specific measurable results that will be accomplished.

Train, Educate, and Mentor your Management Team

Our consulting services include complete strategic and business planning capabilities using the One Page Methodology. We train, educate, mentor, coach and facilitate your team in the use of the One Page Planning and Performance System. Our team can lead and facilitate one-day in-house training programs or extensive planning retreats. We specialize in fast growing companies experiencing rapid change. Our team works equally well with young managers and Fortune 500 executives.

Experienced Consulting Team

Our One Page Planning Team consists of seasoned business executives, former business owners and senior consultants who truly understand business. This team has been carefully selected, trained and certified in One Page Methodology. These consultants will work closely with you to create and implement a comprehensive plan in days… not months!

Performance Management and Executive Leadership Programs

Our seasoned consultants have expertise in leadership training, team development, and performance management. They understand strategic planning and managing for results… and have all participated in building successful businesses. We can design and implement complete budgeting, forecasting and accountability/business review systems to complement your One Page Planning and Performance System.

Implementation is Easy and Can be Accomplished in as Little as 4 Weeks.

Business and corporate planning processes have changed little in the last thirty years. They remain highly complex, overly time consuming and very ineffective. CEOs and business owners complain their planning process takes too long and is of little value… yet they have their management teams prepare a new one every year!

Why not implement a results-based system that links planning, implementation, and accountability?