360º Business Assessment

What’s keeping you up at night?


You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending” – C.S. Lewis

360º Business Assessment

Don’t spend another night worrying about your business. Our 360˚ business assessment uncovers pesky problems that keep you from being productive, efficient, and profitable. At Stanford, we don’t believe in treating symptoms, we figure out what’s ailing your business, and we offer a range of services to cure it.

During the assessment, we evaluate key areas of your business.

Once the assessment is complete, you will receive a complete performance report and a detailed list of recommendations. Many recommendations are simple and immediate implementation can occur by you and your staff. Should you need additional help we have several programs to help you and will provide a proposal for your consideration.



(vision, mission, goals, objectives, services)

We’ll evaluate the desired direction for your business. You’ll benefit from establishing or revisiting your strategies, as they lay the foundation for identifying process gaps or required improvements.


Human Resources

(policies, training, retention, compensation, performance, employee relations, position descriptions, staff utilization)

We’ll perform an assessment of your human resources strategy and processes to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. You’ll learn how to grow your people while sustaining current operations.



(goals, technology, booking systems, opportunities, new revenue streams)

We’ll explore your sales goals, strategy, and outcomes to evaluate your margins and how well you’re performing against your goals. You’ll discover which aspects of your business are most profitable and evaluate additional revenue streams.



(profits and loss, expenses, purchasing)

We will review expenses and profits to assess your financial status, financial outlook, and financial management practices. You will see firsthand how you’re doing, where your money is going, and what your projections are for the year.


Administrative Support

(policies and procedures, tools, training, customer service)

We will review your administrative procedures to determine where you improve operations. You will better understand process interactions and how they deliver value to your customers.



(policies, processes, procedures, management and version control)

We will review existing documentation, assess their effectiveness, and identify any gaps to be filled. You’ll establish a common understanding of policies, processes, and procedures that facilitate successful delivery.

Stop throwing your money at problems – start solving them.