Development/ Startup

You are beginning the business life-cycle the minute your idea becomes something you begin to think about! You have an idea – you are ready to jump in full steam ahead!  STOP!

At this stage you really need to step back and ask yourself if you have what it takes to make this business a success which includes the resources, time, and money. Is it feasible? Do your friends and family think it is a good idea? In the end, the success of the business will depend on your ability, your resources, and the market.


If your research tells you this business is a good idea, now’s the time to make a commitment to the planning process. Please don’t skip this step! On one hand, this is the dream phase! Get clear on what you want to do, how you want to do it, who you want to do it for, and how you will pay for it. On the other hand, you must think realistically. Skipping, or not paying close attention to detail in this step, is a primary reason many startups don’t make it to the fifth-year anniversary, many not even to two years.

Our start-up services include, but are not limited to:

  • Business name, branding and logo selection
  • Business plan development (hourly consultation available):
  • Define your vision and mission
  • Select the right business model
  • Uncover your business model, opportunities, and specialties
  • Identify and guide you through paperwork so you’re up and running as soon as possible
  • Develop an effective plan to keep start-up costs to a minimum
  • Business process design and implementation
  • Operating procedures
  • Identify and implement best practices to keep you on track

In the startup phase, you will spend most of your time tweaking your products or services based on the initial feedback of your first customers. You must be flexible! That said, some of your best ideas will come from your customers! It can seem extremely confusing, however, can be very exciting to see your business bloom into something to be very rewarding!